Artist Statement

Siméon Artamonov (b.1988) is a French artist based in London. His work comprises oil paint, works on paper and digital media, and is held in private and corporate collections around the world. His colourful, vibrant canvases have been exhibited throughout London, including Grid Art Fair, Roy’s People Art Fair, Espacio Gallery, and Trinity Art Gallery.

Artamonov’s dynamic brushstrokes, bright colour palette and geometrical shapes infuse his compositions with an exhilarating sense of joy and tranquility. His use of solid patterns and intricate motifs adds a mesmerising, almost tactile quality to the paintings.

His most recent body of work Reminiscence (2020) showcases imaginary landscapes, where natural elements like colourful trees and bright suns convey a dream-like atmosphere. His abstract paintings display undulating shapes, delicate texture and glowing astral orbs that capture the attention and invite contemplation.

Born in Russia and raised in France, Artamonov graduated with a Master in Digital Design from GOBELINS School, Paris in 2014. Fascinated by painting from a young age, he honed his technique by enrolling in extra classes in institutions like the Beaux Arts de Paris.

His approach to shapes and colours is influenced by the art movement Cubism, where objects were painted from different angles so as to appear fragmented. Under Artamonov’s brush, this modernist approach of combining separate slivers into a new reality lends the artworks an ebullient quality. This is further emphasised by the innate rhythm and liveliness of his compositions (a musicality Artamonov attributes to growing up with musician parents), which is visible in the gold spheres that dance above a fish bowl (His Own World, 1, 2018) or the flame-like waves that ripple and swirl around a full moon (Sail at Night, 2019).

Artamonov’s background in digital art and design is apparent in his ability to turn emotions and concepts into visual, evocative scenes. Previous series are, for instance, informed by the bittersweet acceptance that a happy experience is a fleeting moment in time, and cannot be recaptured the same way again (A Missing Souvenir, 2017); or his attempt at depicting the idea of a place, rather than the exact place itself (Geography, 2015).

From sublime landscapes to the more mundane subjects, Artamonov’s paintings offer an invitation into quiet worlds where colour and energy escape the limit of the canvas.

“Painting is a simple way to make sure you take notice. It reminds you of something that you like, something that you are. It is a way to share experiences and communicate in another language.” Siméon Artamonov, Reminiscence, 2020.



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