Simeon Artamonov is a contemporary painter, working in East London. Born in 1988 in Russia, his family moved to Paris in 1993. Artamonov developed a passion for art as a youth, having creative parents who were both musicians and who first encouraged him to use oil paint.  

Artamonov studied art and design and received his MA in digital design from Gobelins, L'Ecole de l’Image in 2014, taking occasional extra painting classes at places like Beaux-Art de Paris and other painting classes.

His current work is distinguished by high key colour, fluidity, and Bauhaus and Cubist influences (Georges Braque a notable inspiration). His subjects are often taken from everyday life exploring the fluidity of shapes and warm colours.

His parallel career as a graphic and digital designer in London, UK influences his work in his experimental approach.

Since November 2018 he is part of Trinity Art Studio in Trinity Buoy Wharf, London.

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